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Hi, I’m Julie Flatberg and I’m the owner of Total Balance as well as being certified Balanced Body Pilates instructor.

I love my crazy life owning a Pilates studio, working in health and wellness, and running around with my amazing, fun and energetic three boys.

I believe in taking chances and going after what you really want, not just what you think is possible!

I am passionate about moving and eating for health and fun. I enjoy educating others on proper form, function, and helping others find the right recipe to reach their individual goals both in and out of the studio.

I started my journey fresh out of school in Accounting, then Cosmetology… until I found my love for Pilates when I moved to San Diego and decided to get certified.

I love that Pilates can be personalized and become the perfect fit for so many different people! Balanced Body Pilates provides a background for great core strength and core stability workouts.

I am also certified in Piloxing, Zumba and Spin.



Diane LaGrange is a certified Spin instructor.

An avid cycling enthusiast, Diane’s goal is to share her passion for fitness with others through Spinning.

Diane’s love of biking has taken her on several bike trips around the United States.